Month: June 2022

What is Laser Eye Surgery?

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LASIK vancouver (laser eye surgery) is a surgical method that is used to correct vision problems caused by a condition called myopia. This surgery involves cutting a thin layer from the surface of the eye’s cornea. Its success rate is over 95% and the surgery is safe. It requires minimal scarring and has minimal risk. This treatment does not require anesthesia. It is safe, but you must be aware of some risks.

This Surgery Involves Cutting A Thin Layer From The Surface Of The Eye’s Cornea

The recovery time for LASIK and PRK surgeries varies. Recovery time depends on the patient and the type of procedure performed. Patients undergoing PRK need the longest recovery time. During the recovery period, they may experience temporary blurring of vision, but will see improved vision after a few days. LASEK and LASIK, on the other hand, heal quickly. Most patients find their eyesight improves the same day.

LASIK and phakic eye surgeries use a minimally invasive procedure to correct myopia and nearsightedness. The procedure takes about 15 minutes per eye and corrects nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The procedure is safe and can be performed on either eye. The surgery can improve your vision to near-perfect and can be performed at London Place Eye Centre. Since there are many surgeons performing LASIK, finding the right one is important.

While laser eye surgery may be a bit risky, it is largely successful and will allow you to resume your activities sooner. With your new vision, you can finally enjoy your hobbies and professional ambitions. With LASIK, you can see clearly again and take up any sport you’d like. You can even wear contact lenses for swimming or diving! It is a great way to improve your vision and live your life!