A.J.O Salon

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AJO Salon “A.J.O Salon is Brisbane’s place to be”. A.J.O PATRIQUE is at the heart of Brisbane CBD. Home to our 2x AHFA Queensland stylist of the year, we offer cutting edge salon styling and cutting edge hair color at prices you won’t believe.


“A.J.O Salon”. How many words can you say about a salon?

Our stylists have an extensive range of products such as; tresses dyes, extensions, cuticle protection products, hair shea butter, hair vitamins and a healthy diet. The main aim of A.J.O salon is to make you look fantastic. So whether you are after highlights or whether you are after a casual style, we will cater to your every need. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you pick the perfect product for your hair type, helping you look and feel fantastic.

A.J.O salon has a unique range of products such as; a bronzeline spray, gel glue, and bronzing strips, along with the ever popular Classic Control Shine Spray. We have bronzeline sprays in white and black, so you can match your color either way. For finishing touches, we also have cuticle protectors to prevent your cuticles from scratching or harming your hair. Our cuticle protectors can be removed or applied at anytime for a complete finish. If you want your hair softer, we have bronzing strips to do just that! If you want to add some more bounce, we have shampoos and conditioners for added shine.


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