The Different Types of Bicycle Parts

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“Bike” and “Speed” seem to be an innocuous enough pair of words to use in referring to a recreational bicycle, but unfortunately they are often used incorrectly. The dictionary definition of the word ” Bicycle” states that it is a two wheeled vehicle having a framework made of metal or plastic to allow the wheels to move independently of the carriage. In this modern sense, a bicycle is usually considered an automobile. Bicycles are often called bikes as well, even though they are not always made in that way. However, the term “bicycle” can still be used if one means an automobile with a single wheel.

Many people think that the term “velocipede” refers only to motorbikes and other large four-wheel vehicles. This is not the case, however, as velocipedes come in all shapes and sizes, some of them very tiny like fish scales. In addition to being a type of bicycle, a velocipede is also often referred to as a moped, scooter, go kart or go-karting cart, although the word “velocipede” is not used in these instances.

A bicycle with a fixed front wheel and a fixed rear wheel does not qualify as a velocipede, since a bicycle with a single wheel is known as a pediker and a velocipede is not a pediker. Velocipedes come in many different sizes and are commonly called two-wheeled bicycles. Some velocipeds have no front or back wheels at all, while others are two-wheeled versions that are equipped with wheels. These bicycles are commonly called sidewalk bikes or street bicycles.

A bicycle with two wheels and a seat similar to a chair might be called a “lef bvre velocipede.” The term “lef bvre” means a bicycle with a French look and the word “boure” means wheel. Some examples of this type of bicycle are the Bixou bike and the Schwinn velobike. A “lef bvre velocipede” could also be called a “bicycle with a dual motor.” This would be an example of a “lef bvre” or two-wheeled bicycle that has a motor in addition to pedals.

Road bicycles are categorized by their wheels. Many road bicycles are categorized by their speed. Road bicycles are generally much slower than velocipedes and similar in size. Road bicycles can be used for cross-country riding as well as for commuting to work and school.

There are a wide variety of bicycle parts available. Bicycle parts can be purchased directly from manufacturers, or they can be purchased through bicycle stores, online bicycle stores and through specialty retailers. Bicycle stores stock a large variety of road bicycles and mountain bicycles. Online bicycle stores have a wide selection of the latest models of road bicycles and mountain bikes. Bicycle stores can be an excellent place to buy used bicycle parts.


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